Nov 202009

Here’s how. Download the wordpress plugin Twitter Tools here. Unzip and copy the folder to your wordpress blog’s wp-content/plugins folder using any FTP Client (I use FileZilla) . Once done, you should see the list of plugins in your WordPress Admin page (To see click on Plugins -> Installed ) . There Activate all the twitter tools plugins you want to use.


Once Activated , go the Twitter tools settings page and enable your blogs to posted to your twitter account. You need to give your twitter username and password. You can also click on “Test Login” to make sure your login works.


Also you can give the prefix for the tweet. By default it is New Blog Post. Also set it to On by default which is the next option. And thats it, all your blogs would be posted as tweets to your twitter page. You can configure it the other way round as well, i.e. all your tweets would appear as  blog posts. A weekly/ monthly digest can also be configured. Quite useful, I must say.