Dec 212010

I was shocked to see this below mail in my Gmail inbox (not spam) which promises to send 100,000 bulk SMS at a cost of only Rs 3000 (~ $60). In addition to this obviously annoying measure of spamming many phones’ inboxes, what is more worrying is that they promise a free database of 150,000 mobile phone numbers without the least bid of respect for an individual’s privacy.

Such open trading of mobile numbers is the main reason behind the increasing amount of cold calls trying to sell me everything from bank credit cards, to personal loans and supposedly free overseas vacations. Databases not only contain phone numbers but also personally identifiable information like Name, workplace, home address, profession etc.

I hope TRAI brings in strict regulations to prevent bulk SMS misuse and forces the telecom sector to discourage telemarketers and fly by night operators who have made a commodity of people’s information.