Nov 022009

Around a week back, the Visual Studio 2010 express editions beta2 versions were up for download. I immediately downloaded it and got my hands dirty trying to adjust to the new IDE. Here are some snapshots of the Visual Studio 2010 C# express edition and how it differs from its predessecor.

First the splash screen, abandoning the traditional rectangular splash screen, Microsoft went for a screen with a stylish curve. Looks cool.

Splash_screenThe start page looks great too, instead of thick borders as in the C# 2008 express edition, 2010 goes for a more simpler page with this borders giving the impression of a more spacious start page. It also gives us the option of configuring our own RSS feed for the news channel on the page.


Then the Add New Project dialog. This has been rearranged to give it a stacked look. Looks smoother than before.


As soon as I created a new project, the first problem popped up, the IDE crashed and failed on me. Also when I killed it and restarted, it never gave me the option to recover the file I was working on. The express editions don’t save a project automatically when its newly created. So when the IDE crashes, I would expect it to recover the files. Hope this is included in the RTM.


But After I restarted, no major issues showed up. One more noticeable change was the change in the treeview style to include arrows as node expanders instead of the boring plus sign.


The biggest disappointment for me with the IDE was the absence of smooth slide in of the Solution Explorer and the Properties windows. These windows abruptly open and close even with the AutoHide setting. Wonder if Microsoft would correct this.

Apart from a few minor snags that would be invariably present in any beta software, the IDE is definitely an improvement, even if not of the magnitude I was hoping for.

Oct 212009

First things First. Click here to download Visual Studio 2010 Express edition Beta 2.

When I opened MSDN Forums,  the post announcing  the launch of Visual Studio 2010 Express edition Beta 2 versions was the first on my list . I had asked a question around 4 months ago about when the express editions would be available. The only answer back then was wait.

This is that post by Noah Coad – Program Manager at MSFT.  I rushed to download the express versions, only to find them excruciatingly slow.

Today, we are excited to announce that the Visual Studio 2010 Express Beta 2 products are available for download on the Visual Studio Express Web Site! The Visual Studio Express products are a set of development tools geared towards helping developers unleash their creativity while learning to develop Windows and Web applications.  They offer an easy-to-acquire and easy-to-learn experience in a simple package and they are free!

  • Download Visual Studio 2010 Express Beta2 Today
    Get a jump start on learning to develop on the new .NET 4.0 Framework Beta 2 with the Visual Studio 2010 Express Beta 2 products.
  • Learn more about Visual Studio 2010
    Learn about the many new exciting features in Visual Studio 2010.
  • Try Visual Studio 2010 Professional
    The Beta 2 editions of Visual Studio 2010 Professional and Ultimate are available as free downloads as well.
  • Basic vs Expert Settings
    Unique to Visual Studio 2010 Express … Express now starts up with a streamlined user experience that focuses on the most common commands by hiding some of the more advanced menus and toolbars.  All the Express features are still available via the Tools > Settings > Expert Settings menu.

Also look through the new Start Page inside Express for more resources and information on what’s new.  Enjoy and happy coding!

Noah Coad
Microsoft Visual Studio Program Manager

The only sore point was the missing Express edition for F#. I know that Fsharp interactive is awesome, but was looking forward to a bit more mature IDE especially for trying out imperative programming with F#. Hoping that releasing one is in the pipeline!!!