Dec 212010

Two of the plugins I use on my blog seem to have an unfortunate conflict. ShareThis is a cool plugin which provides a share bar on each post allowing viewers to share it on more than 85 social networks including Twitter and Facebook. This plugin not only provides a aesthetically pleasing share bar, it is also configurable and allows to chose between various bar layouts.

SmartYoutube also makes life a lot easier for the prolific blogger. Instead of going to and copying the embed code in your post’s HTML view, SmartYoutube allows you to embed youtube videos merely by copying the link to the video and replacing the http with a httpv.

I started using both of them this week but was disappointed to see that there is conflict between the two. Two of the Sharebar buttons create a new window on hovering over. This new windows seems to blank out the video embedded by the SmartYoutube. I checked the Javascript code in Firebug and it seems the culprit is the buttons.js code which handles the drawing bar and attaching various events to the buttons in them. Since this is an issue with ShareThis, it might not be limited to only SmartYoutube videos and happen with all embedded flash video content in the post.

Before hovering on the Share Bar

After hovering on the bar