Dec 192010

The long standing advantage of Ovi maps touted by the few remaining Symbian enthusiasts was that it doesn’t need a working GPRS connection to run, while Google maps requires a connection to download the tiles. With the latest release, Google has rectified this minor disadvantage too. When Maps is on a wifi connection, it downloads tiles closer to your location and caches them so we can navigate even without having a GPRS connection.

You can control the cache size and enable offline downloading even when not on wifi. Titling works by using two fingers on top left and right of the screen and then dragging them down, which will turn the map into a 3D view and the buildings all become 3D. This isn’t available for all cities yet and the supported cities list can be found here. The 3D view doesn’t work for me yet, maybe because I am on a slower 2G EDGE connection, but you can see the video below for a demo of the features