Nov 232010

After a agonizing wait of 3 weeks, my Kindle finally arrived today. Amazon ships it to India in a couple of days but also charges a $60 import duty for it. Being the inherently cheap person that I am, I requested my friend to bring it for me from the US in order to save money on the duties. He obliged and I got it today.

The Kindle packaging is awesome. When they say Frustration Free, they mean it. All you need to do is to rip off the side cover, no plastic cover, no rummaging for scissors.

I cant praise the eInk display enough. It looks crystal clear and crisp. The contrast is awesome too. But if you are looking for surfing the web or a multi functional device then the Kindle isnt really for you. The refresh times for eInk are very high and dynamic websites render very poorly on the Kindle. But for reading eInk has absolutely no competition. There is no glare at all.

The picture doesnt do much justice to the text display but it really is very clear and readable.

The width is lesser than a pencil

I got the cover as well, to protect the Kindle.

And the light too, thanks to a colleague who recommended the Kandle

Looks like R2D2 in this pic πŸ™‚

It can read the whole page in complete darkness. The light does decrease a bit at the end but it still very much readable than the other cover which has a light built in.

Finally web browsing. This is a bit of disappointment with eink not able to handle frequent refreshes. Hope they improve it in the next gen Kindle