Oct 212009

There’s just one day to go for the official Windows 7 launch in India, but Microsoft has still kept the pricing in India under wraps. Maybe its a strategy to increase the curiosity levels. If so, it sure is working.


I have been trying to find the upgrade cost for Windows Vista Home premium to Win 7 for the OEM version, but no one seems to have a clue. The prices for the US versions were announced way back. Amazon.com is offering the retail upgrade at $119.99 and the full packaged version at $199.99. These prices for the Home premium edition.

Amazon- win7

Amazon- win7upgrade

However OEM versions are traditionally cheaper since they are not supported by Microsoft and the OEM (Original equipment manufacturer) is responsible for the support.  Another retailer NewEgg.com is offering the home premium at $109.99 at a significant discount to the packaged version. I was not able to find the cost for an OEM upgrade here.


To get rid of the confusion, I called up Dell, my OEM to ask whether they have any idea but they were equally clueless. One TSR told me that the cost of the upgrade might be 2-3K, which is fair enough I guess. I plan on pestering Dell again tomorrow for the price. Will post any updates

EDIT: 10/22/2009 12:18PM IST:  Called Dell. Aparently they dont know anything about paid OEM upgrades yet.  They flatly told me that I am not eligible for the free upgrade, which I already know. any information. anyone??