Oct 222009

After a long wait twitter has finally announed that it will start supporting sending of updates to mobiles phones on the Airtel network. Read their blog entry here.



Twitter did provide support for mobile phones in India in the past but for some reason had discontinued it. Maybe it was the cost.

New twitter users can message SIGNUP to 53000 to recieve instructions on how to setup their devices on airtel. If you are an existing user, message START to 53000 to start the service. Please note that you would have to send a verification code provided by twitter to 53000 to get your device verified. Once this is done, any messages sent to 53000 would appear on your twitter page instantly!!

Each message to 53000 costs Re 1 as of now. Though I am not getting updates from twitter, but the updates I send are being reflected. If you are not an Airtel customer, don’t worry, there is already talk going on of getting the other operators on the bandwagon in another 2-3 weeks.