Oct 222009
Windows 7

Windows 7

Microsoft has finally announed the pricing of retail versions of its newest operating system Windows 7 in India. The software giant has kept the price 20% lower than other regions in an attempt to tackle piracy.

There is bad news though, because Microsoft has a tax dispute with Indian customs over the new tax rules for imported Software, the release of Windows 7 is delayed till this dispute is resolved.

A basic home version of Windows 7, available only in emerging countries such as India, is priced at Rs 5,899, excluding taxes, while the high-end version, Windows 7  Ultimate, will cost Rs11,799. In the US, the high-end version costs $320 (Rs 15,000).

But this announcement is not that significant since more than 90% of the Windows software sold in India is bundled with PCs and laptops. These versions are what are called as OEM (Original Equipment manufacturers) version. Microsoft is yet to announce its pricing for this segment.

Since my laptop is made by an OEM, I am one of those in the limbo without any news about the upgrade. Though the retail version is an option, its cost is highly unattractive. OEM versions of Windows are many times cheaper than retail versions, since these are not supported by Microsoft rather its the OEM’s responsibility to do.

As always, will post in case of any updates.