Oct 242009

I had written a post a few days back on how to backup your wordpress MySql database. A key feature of backing up the database was the ability to send your zipped db backups to your email as per schedule. Saving them to server could be a security hazard. But to send it to your email, the SMTP settings must be configured on the server.

An easy way to do this would be to install the wordpress email plugin WP Mail SMTP. Below are the instructions:-

  • Download the WordPress Mail SMTP plugin’s version from here.
  • Unzip it to your local drive and copy it to the WordPress ( wp-content\plugins) directory using FileZilla or any other FTP client.
  • Go to the admin page of your WordPress blog by giving the blog address/wp-admin/. Click on Plugins-> Installed
  • You should see the WP-Email-SMTP in the list. Click on Activate. Once done, you should see a new category Email in your dashboard Settings.


  • Now that the plugin is ready, we need to configure our email settings on the godaddy server. I ll create a new email id for my WordPress blog here.
  • On your GoDaddy account home page, click on Email -> My Email Account. In the page that opens, choose what kind of email account you want to create and click on the Manage Account next to the plan. The Godaddy Email Control panel should open in a seperate tab. Click on the Add button to create a new email id.



  • Once you come back to your dashboard, Click on Settings -> Email.


  • In the page that opens enter the following details:
  1. From Email: The id which you created in the steps before this.
  2. From Name: Choose a good name!!!
  3. Mailer: Send All WordPress mails via SMTP.
  4. SMTP Host: Enter relay-hosting.secureserver.net .  Dont give the one that Godaddy gives you. It wont work.
  5. SMTP Port : 25
  6. No encryption and No authentication:


  • Now try sending a test mail. If it works, you should see the below screen. And you should get the test mail too!!!!